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 Welcome Freshers!

Congratulations on your place studying Medicine at Barts and the London. Part of your medical training will involve you learning how to examine patients for signs and symptoms of disease (clinical skills). After your training you will be expected to assess and examine patients in an exam called the OSCE, which you must pass in order to pass the year.

It will be like no other exam you have sat before and to do well in it you need to not only practice but to know your clinical skills inside out!
CLASS (Clinical Learning and Associated Skills Society) was set up so that you can get support and teaching to help you tackle these novel exams.
We help you in four ways:
  1. Provide in depth lectures to establish a basic understanding
  2. Provide videos on Youtube and revision notes so that students can learn in their own time
  3. Hold ‘drop in sessions’ where students can come and practice what they have learnt in a supervised setting
  4. Near exam time, provide a MOCK OSCE where students can demonstrate and practice their skills in a controlled simulated exam scenario to give them the best preparation for the actual exam
CLASS is one of the biggest societies at Barts and The London and is very popular but we can only help a limited number of students so come down to Freshers Fayre and Lectures as soon as you can and sign up so that you don’t miss out later on!
Making yourself competent in Clinical Skills won’t just help you do well in your exams, but it will serve you well on the path to becoming a Doctor and your career thereafter!

Contact if you have any further questions.

Co-Presidents: Ahrshana Kirubakaran and Divyani Bhudia




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