Introducing an exciting new way of keeping the health of the mind and body well-balanced and engaged to QM students, through coordinated and inclusive physical activity, and the learning of values such as self-discipline, self-motivation, custom and etiquette, and resilience, as are crucial to traditional Japanese karate. Suitable for all people from complete beginners to those well-versed in the art, we may strive to work towards competitions, or just partake in the sport for fun, fitness, and community.

In this style practised -- Shotokan Karate -- we work through kata (set forms of techniques), kumite (set and free sparring), and as most important of all, kihon (basics of techniques). Each of these elements prgress in difficulty and variety through the grades. Regardless of your skill level, why not come and challenge yourself?

  • The objective of inclusive physical activity is achieved by modifying exercises at different intensities, so that people of all different fitness levels and abilities can get involved. There will often be intense activity, usually involving focus on cardio and flexibility exercises, which can be altered to suit the individual.
  • The development of self-motivation, self-discipline, and resilience is rooted deep way back in ancient karate’s values. A mental strength is required to get to higher levels, and this is fortunately encouraged right from the start, through utilised techniques like deep breathing, controlled and purposeful movement, reflection, and emotional regulation.



  • Sessions will be held in the Mind and Body studio in QMotion, on Fridays from 7-8pm. Each class will start with a five (5) minute warmup -- don't miss this!
  • Basics will be practised for each person's first session, including commands, ettiquette, and basic techniques.


Equipment / Clothing
  • If you're just starting out, or if grading and competing is not a priority, just loose, comfortable clothing will do! All training will be done barefoot.
  • For those who have already done karate, already own a gi and belt, or have interest in competing and grading, you are encouraged to wear / purchase a gi.
  • Any equipment we may be using will likely be provided. If you own sparring mitts and gumshields, you are welcome to bring those along for any freestyle sparring we may practise.
  • Bring water!
  • Try to remove as much jewellery as is possible. If they cannot be removed, try taping over smaller accessories, using sweatbands over bracelets / anklets, or having something to tuck necklaces into.



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