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Welcome to the Art Society
We are a group of students who believe that having time and a place to create your own art – be it drawing, painting, sculpting, or even just sketching – is something students need and should be able to pursue. We aim to create a space where you can meet people with your own interests, make friends and create some cool art. You don’t need to have any art-related skills or previous experience: the society is open to all

We plan to hold events where we use different kinds of color mediums and materials to create art. Some of these events include clay sculpting, acrylic and watercolor painting, pencil drawing,origami making and occasional visits to the museums in London. Along with collabing with other societies in qmul, we'd also be providing snacks in all our events. We hold one event every week, this will be mostly during the evenings 5-7pm on the weekdays. 

All events will be announced on Whatsapp, Instagram and Discord

Whatsapp groupchat: Dm us on Instagram or email us to get the WhatsApp link for the gc 


23/24 Committee       

President: Trisha                   

Vice president: Kyra       

Events manager: Zholdas   

Social media manager: Marco 

Treasurer: Keshav

If you are a student at this university, the Standard Membership is intended for you.

But if you would like to join us from another university, have graduated or are a member of the public, you can get the Associate's Membership.

Art society elections 2024/2025

This is the Art Society Elections for 2024/2025, to be eligible this election you must have this year's membership and be a student next year.

6 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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