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The Italian Society promotes culture and raises awareness of Italian and European issues through social events. It is open to any QMUL Undergrad and Postgrad student, regardless of their nationality!

The Italian Society at QMUL aims to promote Italian values and culture. In addition, the Society focuses its activity to raise members’ responsiveness on the contemporary political and economic issues concerning the relationships between Italy, UK, and Europe.

The Society will organise seminars and events to stimulate a critical attitude towards the current cultural, economic, financial and political situation, in the light of the Italian perspective.
In order to highlight the unique Italian heritage, the Society will be keen on the involvement of several Italian professionals, public officers and personalities which pursued a successful path in London and in the UK.
The society also aims to provide guidance and support to anyone who may be in need, so please do not hesitate to keep in touch for any issue. 
We will try our best to help you, guide you with our experience and make you feel welcomed!
For any further information, please follow our fb page or follow our instagram page @italiansocietyqmul to keep up with our events.
You can also send us an email at!
Thank you!

President: Marco Lomi

Vice President: Chiara Shaini  

Treasurer: Sara Piccirillo 


No elections are currently running

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