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Looking for the ideas of Karl Marx and socialism? The Queen Mary Marxist society aims to bring to its members an education in Marxist theory. For example: the labour theory of value and why the periodic crash of the economy is inevitable under capitalism; and the principles of dialectical materialism and in particular, how it can be used to analyse historical events. Examine modern events such as the Ukranian crisis, the Euro-zone debt crisis and the malaise in the British economy, and understand why there is only a socialist solution to these problems.

As Lenin remarked, ‘without revolutionary theory, there is no revolutionary movement’. Although action without theory is blind, theory without action is sterile. The QMUL Marxist Society not only discusses and explains, but is also involved in the wider labour movement. For those who want to get involved there is plenty of opportunity and members are encouraged to take on as much as they want.

Our society is organized with the help of the IMT (International Marxist Tendency).

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President: Shivani Pandit

Marxist Society Elections 2024/2025

President and Treasurer elections.

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