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QMBL BSOC has a goal of sharing our beautiful culture on campus; with our friendly and fresh outlook, all who wish to join are warmly welcomed and invited to be a part of the Bangladeshi Community here at Queen Mary. 

With aims to provide a platform for its members to socialise, make friends and share special moments, we have a spectacular line up of events! Additionally, this year get involved with our #CollaBSoc Project, a inter-uni movement uniting the Bangladesh Societies across London to teach people about our culture and heritage, raise money for charity, and have massive socials!

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Elections for Bsoc 2022

society to elect the primary roles for society

2 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 12:00 on Wednesday 25 May 2022 (in 12 hours)

The polls open at 15:00 on Wednesday 25 May 2022 (in 15 hours)

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