Bulgarian Society


QMUL Bulgarian society welcomes everyone interested in the Bulgarian culture. Our aim is to preserve Bulgaria's diverse history and bring together like-minded people to benefit students by being part of a supportive community and network. We offer advice to Bulgarians who consider applying to QMUL. 

From cultural nights involving delicious food like Banitca to Bulgarian tradition workshops there is an array of events that everyone can enjoy and learn from.

Our aims:

- To promote the exciting Bulgarian culture, food, history and traditions amongst students 

- Create a strong Bulgarian community and network within QMUL and promote the university to prospective students 

- To bring opportunities to communicate with other universities' Bulgarian societies to benefit the member's social life, job prospects and academic achievements

Our team:

President: Andreya Shehova

Treasurer: Emilia Miteva

Welfare officer: Georgi Nikolov

No elections are currently running

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