Baking Society


If you like baking, eating and socialising, then we've got what you knead!

After a very long and difficult semester trying to bring it back, the baking society has finally returned for 2022-2023!! Life is what you bake it, and we've worked hard to rise to the occasion, and bring back a wonderful society for you all to enjoy!!

With baking events, charity bakes, meet and eats, baking trips, Bake offs and so much more, what's not to love?

Whether you're a whiz in the kitchen, or the type to mix up sugar and salt, the baking society has something for everyone. With wonderful people, fun events, and delicious sweet treats, we hope to be a society where everyone gets to have fun and enjoy themselves and even learn some cool baking skills in the process.

Great food, great people, and great experiences, we hope this is a society you come to truly love and enjoy.

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Committee Members

President: Bushra Ashkir

Vice President: Amani Bensihem

Treasurer: Raji Lalli

Welfare Officers: Aziza Adam, Ashti Maharajh

Events Team: Ariel Hermawan, Ranusha K De Silva, Jothinila Navaratnalingam, Mariam 


No elections are currently running

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