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Are you interested in the most complex machine on Earth, our brain, and how it relates to the mind? How can the 3 pounds of matter sitting between our ears produce thoughts, emotions and actions and what makes these activities fail sometimes? 

At BL PsychSoc we are fascinated by all these questions. 

Over the year we promise to provide a range of great events including opportunities for discussion with erudite speakers, film nights, and lectures. We also have a mentoring programme where you can be assigned to a psychiatrist or trainee for any questions related to the speciality, advice in developing your portfolio and getting experience in psychiatry (SSC, shadowing, etc). 

If you are interested in Psychiatry or just curious about what PsychSoc can offer, this society is for you! 

Get Psyched!

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** COMMITTEE 2023/24 **

President: Ariadni Georgiannakis

Vice President: Ishani Mohan

Treasurer: Rayan Zafar

General Secretary: Naveen Dhar

Communications Officer: Shaqira Gill

Creative Officer: Sabthagi Sivathasan

No elections are currently running

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