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Welcome to Barts and The London Anaesthetics & Intensive Care Society (BLAICS)

As an academic-based society, we aim to increase awareness and medical student participation in the exciting fields of Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine. We hope to help you gain insight into what these specialites involve through interactive workshops, focused talks and our unique Mentorship Scheme. 

Many things are going to change the following year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however we are working to provide you with alternatives as best we can.  Here's an outline of what we have planned so far:

  • Talks (at least once a month, will be virtual in first term, possibility of physical in 2021)
  • Workshops (we are trying to organise our Airway Workshop and a pilot ABCDE Workshop for the spring and summer terms, stay tuned)
  • Mentorship scheme (we are assessing whether this is possible for the spring and summer terms, hopefully we can deliver 2 rounds of 6 week placements)

Your 2020-2021 commitee members:

  • President: Sara Hui
  • Vice President: Saima Syed
  • Treasurer: Jasper Wu
  • Publicity Officer: Mark Garside
  • Clinical Rep: Sarah-Louise Watson
  • Pre-clinical Rep: Harry Temple

We welcome everyone whether you are a student at Barts or from any walk of life with an interest in this field! 

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