QM Yoga Society


Welcome to QM Yoga Society!


Our yoga sessions are delivered by a professional Yoga instructor with more than 3 years of experience.

We are open to everyone from beginners to experts.


We hold weekly classes on campus that will take place on Thursdays from 17:00 to 18:00.


 Every semester we will be taking our members to yoga studios holding classes in Hotpod yoga, Puppy Yoga, Chromayoga, aerial yoga and more for a discounted price! At the end of the year, we take our members on a yoga retreat to enrich their practice.

Previous destinations have included Greece & Portugal!


Membership is just £40 (£35 EARLYOGI promotion valid until October 2nd ) for the whole academic year or £20 for a semester, which means that you are only paying £1 per session! 


Our socials will, of course, be for extroverts and introverts alike.


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You can find us on Instagram @qm_yogasoc


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