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BL Dermatology Society aims to provide those with an interest in Dermatology with all the information they need to learn about the field both as a career and to further their medical knowledge.

This year we will be holding a series of lectures with guest speakers talking on a range of topics such as what a career in dermatology entails and current dermatology issues such as skin cancer, aesthetic medicine and psychodermatology. We also hope to give our members an opportunity to apply their dermatology knowledge to any medical profession and understand the wide use of and importance of this medical specialty! Additionally, we will be holding revision workshops before the final exams.

Alongside holding our own events, we promote those organised by the British Association of Dermatology for medical students such as National DermSoc day, and run fundraiders as part of Battle of the DermSocs, for the British Skin Foundation.

We aim to give an insight into dermatology, both in research, clinical practice and what the future holds for the specialty. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to make sure you never miss a Dermatology event! (@bldermsoc)

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Co-Presidents: Divesh Prithviraj and Florence Wilkinson

Treasurer: Shraya Pandya

Secretary: Anuska Rajen

PR and Outreach: Nadya Ang and Jason Lau

Clinical Rep: Sita Shah

Preclinical Rep: Bianka Lewandowska

Fundraising Reps: Parmis Vafapour and Serena Ramjee

Event Organisers: Sarah Yuen and Felicia D'Souza

Education Officer: Yi-Hsuan Chiang


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