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A society for video gaming enthusiasts and TCG players, from the casual to the competitive.

Welcome to QMUL Video and Card Games Society!

We run two weekly events during term; 'Press Start' for all your console gaming needs on Friday nights, and 'Battle Phase' for you avid TCG and Board Game players. We also run numerous other events from charity fundraisers, cross-university events and we're even involved in eSports! We're casual, LGBT+ inclusive, and welcoming to anyone who wants to sit down and play some games with friends.

Use the button on the right hand side to purchase membership for the year at £10 for ALL our events for the year, it's a great deal. Make sure you join our discord and facebook pages.

With restrictions now eased, we are looking forward to hosting various events such as GAME BELONG Arena, Escape Rooms, Thorpe Park and many more!!!

We are also looking forward to hosting 5v5 and 1v1 league of legends tournaments, party games tournaments such as Mario Kart and many more throughout the semester, so keep an eye out for those on our discord group announcements!!! 

To keep up to date with all our information for weekly socials, events, competitions and pretty much everything else that we do please join our Facebook group, Whatsapp chat and our Discord server!! These are the main social media hubs of the society and will provide everything you need to know on a regular basis.


Discord Link:

VCG Committee 2022/2023

President - Bradli Perpepaj

Vice-President - Lauren Uppington

Treasurer: Zaynah Rahman

Tech Admin: Hasnain Afzal

Social Media Manager - Nurul Islam

Welfare Rep - Alanzhir Mustafa

No elections are currently running

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