Basketball (Women)


QMBL Women’s Basketball has been the current QMSU Club of the Year for three years in a row now! We strive to be the club where everyone can perform at their best! Year after year, we welcome QM and BL players from all possible backgrounds, with or without experience in the sport, to come and join. We aim to provide a platform upon which everyone can train and improve, as well as socialise and make new friends. As a large club, we pride ourselves on our sense of community. Our social secretaries arrange a variety of formal and informal socials throughout the year (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), where members can get to know each other as well as other sports clubs.

Club Sport is a huge part of our University experience, and we want to make it as memorable for everyone looking to join as well. We offer the opportunity to improve basketball skills in weekly trainings, where sessions are tailored to individual needs.

Our more advanced players can compete in our high-aiming BUCS performance team and a Development Team that competes in the LUSL Intermediate Division. For non-competitors, our base membership fee covers both socials and trainings because we want to offer all members the opportunity to build relationships both on and off court. In addition, we provide a beginner's This Girl Can session every week open to everyone of all abilities included in our social membership! 

So no matter if you’re a beginner, an advanced player or somewhere in between, we would love to welcome you into the club!


Taster Session

First Session is FREE!

NB: Competing players will be selected during the first 2 weeks of training following observation from Captains and Coaches.



Sundays 6.00 - 8.00pm @ Qmotion: Full club training included in our Base Membership

Mondays 7.00 - 10.00pm @ Qmotion: selected 1st and 2nd team players only

Thursdays @ Qmotion: In partnership with Get Active: This Girl Can, £2.50 per session to get involved!

Equipment: Participants need only bring comfortable exercise clothing and suitable workout trainers (we recommend trainers with good ankle support). All other  equipment is provided.



BUCS Division Two: Wednesday's @ Mossbourne Academy for home games

LUSL Intermediate: Sunday @ Mossbourne Academy for home games



Base membership: for all members who wish to attend Full Club trainings (including alumni). Includes Sunday training, coaching, insurance, equipment and socials.

Competitive membership: for chosen competing members ONLY. Includes Monday training, coaching, league matches, competition entry, officials and kit.

Social membership: includes entry to all of our club socials!


How to get Involved

  1. Follow the Instagram and get in contact with the club committee members
  2. Attend a taster session - this first session is free!
  3. Purchase your subs and a QMSU Sports membership - online, at the Hub (Mile End) or BLSA reception (Whitechapel).
  4. Enjoy! Take part in the sessions, socials, compete in the matches and become part of the fabulous QMBL WBC community <3


Personal Fitness

QMSU offers a gym on the Mile End campus, Qmotion, as well as a sister-gym in Charterhouse Square, Fitness to Practice, both with competitive student membership rates. This is ideal for students who want to purchase a gym membership - which is separate from a Club Sport subs - to improve and maintain peak physical fitness.

With every gym membership, you get a free 60 minute one-to-one session with trained instructors which includes:

  • A personalised gym programme tailored to your own fitness goals;
  • A full demonstration of exercise and techniques, and guidance on resistance machines;
  • Information and advice on nutrition;
  • A 60 minute review session every 6-8 weeks to re-evaluate and re-customise a new programme to avoid plateaus.

Recreational Basketball

QMSU also offers Get Active Basketball sessions for just £2.50 per session, including This Girl Can sessions, and open to all abilities. It's a fun, social, turn up and play programme, visit the Get Active site for more information.


Contact Details

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President: Ludivine Eude (

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