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A society bringing together DJs, music lovers and friends with an interest in underground music, subcultures and nightlife in London


What we do

UMS is aimed at bringing people together over a shared interest in underground music. If you are into Garage/Grime/Techno/Drum & Bass/Jungle/Dubstep/Dub/Disco etc. or want to try it out, then UMS offers the BEST intro to London's vibrant music landscape and all the interesting scenes bubbling below the surface. We are a collective of student creatives and music lovers who go on regular socials and nights out,  put on events around London, and offer workshops and discounted opportunities for those who want to learn or improve their skills in DJing, music production, music writing and all aspects of the industry. It's about creating a community for us to grow and find our voices as student creatives, and have a good time!

Workshops and Guest Speakers

We want to give all our members an opportunity to develop creatively and believe skills should be shared, so we run workshops for both beginner and experienced DJs. We also bring in guests to talk about different aspects of the music scene– last year the Night-Time Industries Association and the Night Czar Amy Lamé came to speak to us about the future of nightlife in London, and the owner of the pioneering club Passing Clouds spoke to us about the challenges of keeping their venue running in the changing musical landscape of London. We are always on the lookout for opportunities for our members to connect and grow together, so keep in touch for more info about this!


Socials in London (and beyond)

UMS endeavors to find the best nights, in the best clubs, in, arguably, Europe's motherland of rave music. Come and join the crew as we gather for pre-drinks, and then head out roughly once a month to what we deem to be the best night going. Last year we hit Harvey's Discotheque with Skream and Peggy Gou, vibed with Coki, Hatcha and Youngsta in Brixton, partied at the Hydra with Omar-S, and raved at the legendary Whirl-y-gig, London's oldest club night. 
In previous years we have had tours to see heavyweight lineups in Bristol as well as discounted group nights out at Studio Spaces, Fabric, Dance Tunnel (rip), the Bussey Building and more.

 Events and DJ/MC Opportunities

Our DJs have held a signature night, SOUNDCLASH, at Drapers SU, hosted Room 2 at Fabric,  and taken over the upstairs room at XOYO.
We've got our ears to the ground and are always on the lookout for exciting new opportunities to showcase the talent and ideas of the group.
If you want the opportunity to learn how to DJ, hone your DJ skills, and play out, then get involved! We plan to allow people to practice using professional equipment, and you could become one of our 30 or more student DJs we ask to perform at one of our sell-out events! 
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JOIN NOW!!!  £5 -  Industry workshops / Events / Socials / Tour / DJing /  etc. 

Follow our socials to stay updated with all our events, and feel free to DM or email with any questions!


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