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*Be part of the biggest law student group in Europe!* The European Law Student Association (ELSA) at QMULis your local access to law events, socials and the best time at Uni.

ELSA is the world’s largest law students association and with more than 300 active members yearly in our university, ELSA QMUL is amongst the most dynamic ELSA groups in the United Kingdom as well as being the oldest established London group.

The European Law Students´ Association (ELSA) Queen Mary is part of the wider, international ELSA network that has at its core values of human dignity and cultural diversity. The organisation strives to contribute to legal education, foster mutual understanding and promote the social responsibility of students. Furthermore, it provides opportunities for students to learn about other cultures and legal systems in a spirit of critical dialogue and scientific cooperation, assisting them to be internationally minded and professionally skilled.

We are growing rapidly as a network and continually offer new events and programmes on the local, national and international levels. Being a member of ELSA QMUL gives you access to the various global opportunities provided by ELSA! So what are you waiting for? We are open to law and non-law students who want work to widen their horizons on an international level.

How does ELSA QMUL work?
Our work is divided into four supporting areas: Marketing, Treasury, Vice-President and President and four key areas: Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP), Academic Activities, Seminars and Conferences and Moot Court Competitions.  As a member of ELSA QMUL, you will have access to all of our events, at the local, national and international levels. 







Our plans for the next academic year September 2021- August 2022:

1. The Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP)
This is a paid work experience programme ranging from two weeks to two years in any law-related area. STEP makes it possible for law students and young lawyers to gain working experience abroad. There are also ELSA delegates who are given the opportunity to sit next to national delegates and representatives of some of the most important NGOs and observe how decisions and policies are created at an international level, deepening participants’ knowledge on the issues discussed.

2. Study Visits
They provide ELSA members with the possibility to visit ELSA groups in other countries and in return host groups at our university. As part of ELSA QMUL, our members can participate in law schools which ELSA International organises all over Europe. Each of the law schools is based on a different topic and based in different cities. They include a great academic as well as an excellent social program. This project has been interrupted due to the ongoing pandemic but we are currently working on an amazing online replacement. Stay tuned!

3. Modern-law events
Law is often seen as an 'old-fashioned' subject. We want to reimagine this stereotype in 2021/22. How? Our VP S&C is already planning some events in areas such as modern technology with high-profile speakers. We want to show you that there is more to law than a dusty wig.

4. Alumni Events
We will invite you to meet the previous successful ELSA members and find out about what they are doing after graduating from Queen Mary.

5. Providing you with the real 'college experience'
Studying during a global pandemic can be lonely sometimes, especially when some lectures and tutorials are still held online. Starting in September, we aim to organize social activities, meetups in bars and most importantly, giving you the feeling of belonging to something bigger.
('This is what we are here for at QMUL, right?'-Viktoria, President ELSA QMUL 2021/22)

6. NEW: Join our Whatsapp Groupchat! You will be held up-to-date with our academic events, competitions and socials. Send an email to to get the group-invite link!

Do not hesitate to contact us through Instagram (@elsaqmul), Facebook (@elsaqmul), LinkedIn (@ELSA Queen Mary), Twitter (@ELSA_QMUL).

We cannot wait, literally, to see you soon,
your ELSA QMUL Team 

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European Law Students' Association (ELSA) Committee Elections 2024/25

Society Elections to elect the following committee positions for 2024/25: President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, Vice President for Marketing, Vice President for Seminars & Conferences, Vice President for Professional Development, Vice President for Academic Activities, and Vice President for Competitions. All members who are students at QMUL in the academic year 2023/24 and hold a valid ELSA membership are eligible to stand and vote.

8 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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