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BL Anatomy society aims to provide medical and dental students with a range of inspiring lectures, seminars and workshops to support the preclinical and clinical teaching.

Who We Are
Barts and the London Anatomy Society was founded in 2006 on the basis of improving the anatomy community of the school. Since then it aims to provide medical and dental students with a range of inspiring lectures, seminars and workshops to support the preclinical and clinical teaching. We always aim high and work hard towards our goals, but most importantly we believe in the priceless value of teamwork and friendship amongst our members. BL Anatomy Society is for everyone who shares an interest in anatomy, needs some support with his learning or is intrigued by advancements in anatomical education.

Our Inspiration
From the first school of anatomy in Alexandria, Greece in 300 BC to the modern dissection lab of 2020, evolutionary trends of anatomy have seen the introduction of new methods, approaches, philosophies and strategies to deliver anatomy at the highest level. The teaching of anatomy is challenged daily with new studies emerging and contributing to the everchanging advancement of clinical anatomical teaching. We support progress and by staying on top of recent advancements, we aim to aspire students to develop a strong grounding, since it is the backbone in nearly all medical and dental studies.

Our Action
The BL Anatomy Society has organised various conferences in the past (NUCCA 2013, NUCCA 2018, NUCCA 2019, LUCA 2022), having as a primary aim to inform participants on new advancements in clinical anatomy and novel teaching methods. It provides unique opportunities to undergraduate medical and dental students to improve their anatomy skills through innovative workshops delivered by pioneers of the Anatomy community.

Additionally, by providing anatomy lectures and practicals, it offers a friendly learning environment to academically support students and promote collaboration between its members.

Our Committee for 2022/23:
President: Georgios Alampritis
Vice President: Ioannis Hannadjas
Treasurer: Ibrahim Muhammad
Academic Rep: Regina Gianna
Secretary: Elektra Tsivitanidou
Operational Lead: Eirini Mitsinga 
Social Media & Design Officer: Eirini Mitsinga 



BL Anatomy Society Committee Elections 2023/24

We are pleased to announce that this year we will be holding online elections Anyone interested can nominate themselves online (see more info below). Voting will occur following the nomination period. Voting will be open from Monday 8th May 00:01 - Sunday 14th May 23:59 The nomination period will start from Monday 1st May 2023 00:01 until Sunday 7th May 2023 23:59. In order to nominate yourselves for a position on our 2022/23 committee, please use the student union platform. How to nominate yourself for a position: 1) Visit and make sure you are logged in. 2) Find the society you want to nominate yourself for a role for and visit their webpage (Note: you must be a paid member of that group to stand for a role). 3) Scroll to the bottom to find details of the elections (if you do not see it please contact your society’s Returning Officer). 4) Press 'Stand In Election'. If you do not see this it may mean that nominations have not yet opened, or that they have already closed. 5) You will then be taken to the 'Details' page - make sure all your details are correct. Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions and press save. 6) Once you have completed your profile you should then be able to scroll down and see all the different roles you can apply for. Find the role you want to run in and press 'stand'. 7) You are then taken to the 'Submit Nomination' page - press 'Submit Nomination' to confirm that you want to run for that role. How to upload a photo of yourself and/or submit a manifesto 1) Make sure you have nominated yourself (see above). 2) Click on 'upload' underneath 'Manifesto' and you will be taken to the 'Edit Manifesto' page. 3) Under 'photo' you can click 'choose file' and upload a photo from your files to add to you manifesto. Once you select a photo make sure you click 'Upload'. The photo should then appear below. Note: Files must be less than 1mb. 4) In the text box below, you can write your manifesto. Use the buttons on the text box to edit its appearance: you can see what the final product looks like when you click 'Preview Manifesto' on the top of the screen. Manifesto Writing Tips Your manifesto states what your policies and proposals are and how you would like to take your society forward. It is a great way to let members know why they should vote for you. Think about: Who you are representing: What issues are currently important to your society and to you? How do different issues affect different people? Why are you standing? What do you want to do for your society? What is your vision for your society? Your key policies. Contact different students to understand their issues then develop 3-5 points that are the most important and appealing to students. You should also use this space to talk about why you should be elected: Talk a bit about who you are - what do you study? What are your interests? What is your experience with this society? Do you have any previous experience running one? Withdrawing as a Candidate You can choose to withdraw your nomination if you no longer want to run. 1) Go back to the society's webpage, scroll down to the elections part, and click 'Review Nominations' 2) Scroll down to the position you wish to withdraw from. Press 'withdraw' If you withdraw by accident and want to stand again, there will be an option to 'stand again' - if you already wrote a manifesto this will still be there. Getting people to vote for you: Having a campaign theme and slogan will help you stand out. Be creative! The most important thing is publicity - people cannot vote for you if they do not know who you are. Be active on social media, talk to members directly online, and let them know why they should vote for you. How to vote? 1) To find the election, visit your society’s page and scroll to the bottom where the elections should appear. 2) To see who is running for which position, click ‘Candidate List’. When you are ready to vote, click ‘Vote Now’. 3) You will then be taken to the following page: press ‘Start Voting’ to cast your votes. 4) Rank your preference of who you want to win (you do not have to pick all of them). When you are finished, press ‘Cast Vote’. Note: You must be a subs paying member to nominate yourself. Positions Available: • President *Current committee only* • Vice President • Secretary • Treasurer • Academic Representative • Operational Lead • OSMD President: A position characterised by leadership, responsibility and vision in order to fulfil the society's overall aims. The president must coordinate the society, overview the team's efforts and take initiative on new collaborations with other societies, research ideas, teaching and sponsorships. Vice President : A position that requires close collaboration with the President and involves the responsibility of leading the Anatomy Conference. The organisation and coordination of the Anatomy Conference is the responsibility of the Vice President who has the authority to delicate tasks to any other member of the society in order to work closely together for the organisation of the BL Anatomy Conference. Secretary: A fundamental position that provides the society with stability and good communication. It involves redesigning of the society's website, taking the minutes of every meeting and updating members, responding to concerns/comments regarding the society and assist the Vice President of the society (or any other member) in contacting speakers and sponsors for the BL Anatomy Conference. Treasurer: A position that requires regular update on the financial condition of the society, contacting sponsors for the society's conference, helping out at events by giving shout-outs and encouraging other students to join the society. The Treasurer/Academic Representative must respond to comments from students and update society members on any potential negative feedback or problems arising. Academic Representative:Responsible for organising the educational activities of the society. These usually include anatomy teaching before ICAs and Final's revision. Operational Lead: A position that requires leading the organisation of regular talks by arranging room bookings and catering. The Operational Lead works closely with the VP for the organisation of the society's conference as he/she has one of the central roles to ensure smooth running of the conference on the day. Officer of Social Media and Design: A position that requires specific skills and experience in using a design software. The OSMD is responsible for using and developing the social media profile of the society. Also, promoting the activities of the society and outlining the social media strategy is one of the most important roles required for the organisation of the annual conference. The OSMD must also be comfortable with designing posters or any other promotional material (i.e. videos from teaching sessions, a weekly newsletter etc) throughout the year.

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