BL Ear Nose and Throat Society


We aim to increase awareness of and student participation in the exciting field of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) medicine. We plan to do this by hosting many talks throughout the year, such as: Introduction to ENT and ENT surgery; Inspiring young Medics to consider a career in ENT; how to get into the ENT specialty; as well as numerous teaching events. 

We hope to help students gain insight into what this specialty involves through these workshops and focused talks. We aim to provide medical and dental students (and those from other related fields) with a range of inspiring lectures, seminars and workshops to support the preclinical and clinical teaching. 
Essentially, we hope to provide a medium for students who are interested in pursuing a career in Ear, Nose and Throat medicine. 

Committee of 2023/24

President: Sarina Mariam Matthew

Events co-ordinator: Shirin Sadar Massroor

Event co-ordinator: Than Uddin

Treasurer: Aniqa Jasmin Miah

Welfare Officer: Nabihah Rahman

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