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Following the launch of our society a few years ago, we worked hard to build ourselves up from our humble beginnings to become the vibrant and wide-ranging society we are today.

Such accomplishments would never have been conceivable without the extraordinary encouragement of our members, who wholeheartedly support our events to make them as successful as they are.

This year we aim to further celebrate the colourful culture of India and host more events ranging from tasting the tantalising foods of India and hosting Bollywood movie nights.

All the while, we want to ensure we continue to provide a platform to not only celebrate the diversity and vivacity of Indian festivals and culture, but also to encourage the feeling of community and to meet new people from across our wonderful university.

We hope to take BL Indian Society to new heights and make the next year an unforgettable one - don't miss out!

Keep up to date by following our Instagram (@blindiansociety) for all the latest updates on festivals and events!

President: Siddharth Sasindran
Treasurer: Anish Loharuka

BL Indian Society Elections 2024/2025

This is BL Indian Society elections for the academic year 2024.25. To be eligible to run, you will need to have this years membership and be a student next year at QMUL.

9 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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