Board Games Society


We are the centre of Board Gaming and TTRPGs at QMUL. We run weekly events using our extensive collection of board games and the expertise of our members.

Whether you're a casual player or a long-time strategist, we have boxes of games and people to play them with! We welcome anybody of any experience; there's always someone to help you learn a short game or to join you in playing an old favourite. Come and join us for a friendly evening of games!

Feel free to bring any of your own games to play if you'd like, but we have an extensive collection available too.


We meet every Tuesday 6pm - 9pm during term time for a games night.

Due to Covid-19 our regular events will be virtual for Semester 2.

We will also be running periodic one-off special events, so keep an eye out for those!

Our regular virtual events take place on our Discord server. Feel free to join and say hello to us!

Admin Team

President - Laura Chappell

Treasurer - Aaron Cuthbertson

Events Manager - Liz Roberts

Vice President - Lorcan Meehan

Social Media Secretary - Jessica Brown

RPG Secretary - Gigi Doughty


No elections are currently running

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