Welcome to QMUL's Book Club!

Loved reading since you were a kid? Or only picked up a book because quarantine drove you to it? Well, you've come to the right place! 

Book Club is for both bookworms and casual readers alike, bringing all those with a love of reading together in one place.

Whether you read a lot or want to read more, find solace in our book family!

Join us for our reading meets, movie nights, Secret Santa and so much more. Check our Instagram, Discord and group chat for more information.

If you have any questions, please email/ DM us.

After you've joined please message us on Instagram or email us for access to our group chat.

Join us on a literary adventure...



President: Ruchira Ramaswamy

Vice President: Umair Mohamed

Treasurer: Lina Lebbar

Secretary: Tamanna Mumin

Welfare Representative: Samara Banday

Events Coordinators: Nazifa Fawzia & Renee Chinamaringa

Social Media Representative: Alex Potirniche


Book club elections 2024/25

This election is for the committee members for the next academic year 2024-2025. It includes all roles: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Welfare Representative, Social Media Representative and Events Coordinator.

7 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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