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Welcome to the vibrant world of the Bulgarian Society Club at Queen Mary University of London!

About us:

Welcome to the vibrant world of the Bulgarian Society Club at Queen Mary University of London! Established with a passion for promoting Bulgarian culture, fostering a sense of community, and celebrating diversity, our club is a haven for anyone interested in the rich heritage and traditions of Bulgaria. Whether you're a student with Bulgarian roots or simply curious about this enchanting Balkan nation, our society offers a warm and inclusive environment where you can connect with like-minded individuals. Through a dynamic mix of cultural events, language workshops, and social gatherings, we aim to bridge the gap between Bulgaria and the diverse tapestry of Queen Mary University. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore Bulgaria's history, cuisine, music, and much more. Come be a part of our multicultural family, where we unite under the banner of Bulgaria's enchanting spirit right here in London!

Our aims:

Promoting Bulgarian Culture: Our primary goal is to introduce the captivating world of Bulgarian culture, including its rich history, delectable cuisine, and vibrant traditions, to the student community at Queen Mary University of London.

Fostering a Tight-Knit Bulgarian Community: We are committed to cultivating a robust Bulgarian community within QMUL, providing a supportive network for our members. Additionally, we aim to showcase the university as an inviting place for prospective students interested in Bulgarian culture

Connecting Beyond Borders: We actively seek opportunities to collaborate and engage with other Bulgarian societies at different universities. This not only enriches our members' social lives but also enhances their job prospects and academic achievements through a broader network and shared experiences.

Our team:

President: Daniil Zhelyazkov

Treasurer: Emilia Miteva

No elections are currently running

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