Welcome to QM's first Calisthenics Club!

Calisthenics is the art of bodyweight movement. It's the ability to move your body through space. A functional sport that feeds into all physical and mental aspects of life.

Calisthenics is suitable for all levels and has recently grown in popularity to be become one of the most welcoming and encompassing sports available. All physical fitness levels are welcome; the society will teach you everything there is to know from the fundamentals to advanced skills.

Best thing about it? It requires little to no equipment, all you need is a pull-up bar and your own bodyweight to train.
Whether your goals are building muscle, building strength and endurance, losing weight, or simply improving your overall health, calisthenics can help you achieve it all.

We're a relatively new club that was founded last year with the aim of building a community of passionate calisthenics athletes. Whether you're a beginner who can't yet do a pullup or a master of the sport, this club is for you!

Calisthenics is for men AND women. The sport is generally viewed as male-dominant due to social media, but we are making a large effort to get more women involved. We want to challenge the public’s perception.

This year, we are doing exactly that by hosting women-only taster and regular sessions at the start of the year to help women feel more comfortable and at ease with a new style of training. We then aim to merge the two groups to achieve mixed sessions where everyone feels comfortable and uplifts each other in their individual calisthenics journey.


Training Sessions

Wednesdays: 5.30 - 7.00 PM at Wennington Green Park / Blomely Rooms. This is subject to change depending on weekly weather forecast, but all updates provided on our WhatsApp chat in good notice.

Saturday/Sunday: 2.30 - 4.00 PM at Wennington Green Park / Blomely Rooms. Also subject to change depending on weather conditions.

This is the general set schedule which we aim to abide by.

We aim to collab with other sports societies to showcase the amazing carryover effect calisthenics brings. Last year, collaborations with Climbing and Boxing Society proved to be a massive success. We will be hosting more of these types of sessions as well as partnering up with other calisthenics societies in London to bring you joint workshop and training sessions! We had many of these sessions last year, namely with KCL, Brunel, UCL Calisthenics. This year we aim to even expand the number of universities we collaborate with.



Last year, we competed in the Calisseum competition events held at Brunel University and Gymbox Farringdon. These events include competing in freestyle, statics and endurance rounds against fellow calisthenics athletes from across London and the UK. We’ve found that competing gives members something to work hard towards and adds an extra layer of challenge and fun to the sport.

We plan on participating in more Calisseum events and other competitions as the year goes by, so if competing is something that interests you, feel free to come along and speak to any members of our committee to get involved.


Contact Information

Co-President - Riyadh Islam (@riddler.__)

Co-President - Sami Ullah (@fit.kob)

Vice President - Nattal (@nattal.z)

Treasurer - Talal (@talalt._)

Women's Representative - Carmen (@carmenwongg)

General Committee – Usama Albushe (@usama_ba)

Club Instagram account - @qmcalisthenics_


For any general enquiries, feel free to DM the club's Instagram page @qmcalisthenics_

No elections are currently running

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