Queen Mary Dance Company aims to bring people together through the love of dance. We train and compete in the styles of hip hop, jazz, contemporary, ballet and tap. 

We strive to improve the technique of each dancer as well as creating new, original and exciting routines that we perform at many different competitions throughout the year. Our rehearsals are intense, yet thoroughly enjoyable and there is opportunity for all members to input their own creativity and ideas. We work at a high level to create routines that will push the capabilities of each dancer as well as exploring different music and performance styles.

We also hold an annual showcase, where we perform our routines and choreographies from the year. This is where our members will get the opportunity to put forward ideas and choreographies, to display to friends/family and members of the public.

We have had lots of success at QMDC, winning a record of 18 trophies throughout the previous year. We aim to beat this in the upcoming year, and win more trophies for the company.

Taster Session

We hold taster sessions for each style during the 2nd week of the semester. These are relaxed, fun sessions, where we perform various exercises and learn choreography.

In the 3rd week of the semester, we will be holding auditions for each of our competitive teams. The audition will involve a warm up, learning choreography, and performing to members of the committee. The committee will be looking for high energy, great performance, and the ability to dance newly learnt choreography.

If successful at the auditions, you will be required to attend a weekly 2 hour rehearsal, where we will train and practice competition pieces.

If you are unsuccessful there is no need to worry, you can still be a member of our club! We hold weekly hip hop beginner classes where we improve on learning choreography, technique, and performance. Alternatively, we run Get Active sessions through Qmotion gym, where we teach a different style of dance each week.


Times TBC - all in Qmotion Active Studio.

We welcome anyone of any ability. We run classes weekly to build on particular dance and performance skills. We create fun and exciting routines that, if we believe have the potential, can be entered into a competition later on in the year. There is no pressure to be a part of a competition, so feel free to come along as you are able to attend these classes and enjoy the routines without having to perform them outside of the group. We welcome everyone.


UCL, Kingston, Sussex, Loughborough.

Recreational Dance

QMSU also offers Get Active Dance sessions for just £2.50 per session and open to all abilities. It's a fun, social, turn up and play programme, visit the Get Active site for more information.

Personal Fitness

QMSU offers a gym on the Mile End campus, Qmotion, as well as a sister-gym in Charterhouse Square, Fitness to Practice, both with competitive student membership rates. This is ideal for students who want to purchase a gym membership - which is separate from a Club Sport subs - to improve and maintain peak physical fitness.

With every gym membership, you get a free 60 minute one-to-one session with trained instructors which includes:

  • A personalised gym programme tailored to your own fitness goals;
  • A full demonstration of exercise and techniques, and guidance on resistance machines;
  • Information and advice on nutrition;
  • A 60 minute review session every 6-8 weeks to re-evaluate and re-customise a new programme to avoid plateaus.

Contact Details

President - Adam Mirza (

Jazz and Tap Captain - Hannah Hale

Contemporary and Ballet Captain - Emmelia Geogiou

Hip Hop Captain - Sultan Al Abbadi


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