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BL Dance Society invites you to join us in a multitude of dance styles that we offer, including regular classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Commercial, Heels and Hip-Hop. We also enjoy our Wednesday Strength & Flexibility sessions to help us become stronger and more versatile dancers! We also offer workshops throughout the year focusing on various dance styles such as Jazz, Heels, Musical Theatre and more! Anything you're interested in, please let us know!

We cater to dancers of all abilities, from beginners who are just finding their feet to those who are more experienced, we offer events for everyone. During the first term, our classes can teach beginners the basics whilst we hold auditions and rehearsals for those interested in joining our competition squads. In the new year, our squads then battle it out against other universities and we also prepare for our Annual Showcase! This is our big event of the year where everyone in the society can show off the skills and strut their stuff! We have regular social events so if dancing isn't your style - join us as a social member!

Dance is a great way to keep fit, meet new people and most importantly have a lot of fun!  So whatever your level or dance style come and join us, we can't wait to welcome you!

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6-8pm Choreography Slot/ Workshops



6-7pm Ballet

7-7:45pm Jazz/Hip Hop/ Contemporary



1-2pm Strengthening & Flexibility

2-3pm Ballet Squad

3-4pm Jazz Squad

4-5pm Contemporary Squad



5:45-6:45pm Heels Squad

6:45-7:45pm Hip Hop Squad



We have 5 fantastic squads that compete in inter-university competitions; Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-hop and Heels. We hold auditions shortly after fresher's week and use term one to finesse our performances. Keep an eye out for audition dates and locations on our social media! You don't need to prepare anything - just come along and have a go (you don't even have to have experience in the style either)! We also enter categories for solos and duo/trios - let us know if you're interested and want to give it a go! Auditions for solos and duos/trios will take place in January so come prepared with a finished performance. We attend 3 competitions a year, most inside London but we might travel to other cities. In total, last year, we won an amazing 17 trophies; our best year yet! 


Committee Information

President: Varvara Evgeniou (she/her)

Vice President/Treasurer: Jade Kwaku (she/her)

General Secretary: Vivian Papatzanaki (she/her)

Welfare Officer:  Amaya Sainz de la Maza Melon (she/her)

Social Secretaries: Alex King (she/her) & Juliette Cavaye (she/her)

Social Media Officer: Emma Welsh (she/her)

Tour Secretaries: Jess Moyle & Cherry Jain (she/her)

Competitions Officer: Angelica Guiloff (she/her)

Alumni Officer: Kaley Ainsworth (she/her)

Events Officer: (vacant)


Competition Team Captains

Ballet: Emma Welsh & Varvara Evgeniou

Contemporary: Varvara Evgeniou

Jazz: Jade Kwaku & Varvara Evgeniou

Heels: Emma Welsh

Hip Hop: Amaya Sainz de la Maza Melon & Sonia Johnson

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