Diaspora Speaks


New QMSU magazine projecting the voices of students of colour, already award-winning within its first year!

Are you a student of colour at Queen Mary, University of London? Are you tired of being underrepresented? Do you want to tell your story; share your opinions; and have your perspective valued?

Diaspora Speaks exists for you. This magazine — already award-winning within its first year — features writing from students of colour. It is the first of its kind at the university because diversity for us is not a bullet point at the end of a list. It is a priority. A lack of diversity is abnormal and diversity is normal.

Our journalistic environment illuminates the voices of the diaspora, projects minority perspectives, and invites you on a journey to find your identity. We want to nurture independent thought and fresh perspectives. We accept and publish a range of work such as articles, creative writing, personal essays, photography, artwork, and much more. Our columns include Features; Culture & Lifestyle; Media; First-Person; Style & Beauty; and Expression. There is a space for everyone. This isn’t a space in which one feels limited; this is a space to break the boundaries of writing and artistry as we know it. 

We will regularly publish all your work on our website, and you'll have the opportunity to be published in print. If you wish to improve your writing and journalistic abilities, attend any of our many workshops and events.

We’re always on the hunt for new contributors: writers, artists, photographers, and creatives of any kind. 


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We offer three types of membership:

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Students of colour and students from ethnic minority backgrounds are welcome.

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