BL Drama is perfect for anyone who loves to act, sing, write, direct, design or make a fool of yourself on stage with your friends. We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming society.

BL Drama Society is perfect for anyone who feels drawn to act, sing, write, direct, design or make a fool of yourself on stage with your friends. We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming society, whether you want to be in the spotlight, behind the scenes or just hang out. 

We are primarily for students of Barts and The London (Medicine, Dentistry and Allied course students), however anyone from the wider QM community is welcome to join.

We put on a number of different shows throughout the year as well as workshops, sketch comedy shows and lots more. There are so many ways that you can get involved with us - whether it’s onstage, offstage or even behind the bar we welcome anyone from seasoned pro to complete newbie. 

We perform and rehearse at our very own theatre Laird Hall (you can find it right next to Floyer House) 

The Zebraphiles

These wonderful people are our resident sketch comedy group. They put on a number of shows throughout the year, starting with their Barts show in December. They also compete in UH revue, a London-wide competition to decide which medical school is the funniest, and in 2018 their stellar dance routines and side-splitting wit proved that they were just that. They recruit via Open Meetings which occur throughout the year so be sure to follow their Facebook Page to make sure you don’t miss out on those!


BL Drama has been awarded “Best Society of the Year” three times in the last 7 years! This award is nominated by the Barts community and voted for by the BL Board so thank you to all our members and fans!! We were also honoured to be nominated by the university for a National Society’s Award in the past.

Our amazing Zebraphiles (our resident comedy sketch group) also compete in the UH revue where sketch groups from all the London medical schools come together for a comedy battle royale. And in 2017/18 and 2019/2020 they only went and won it! 



Upcoming Performances

We normally put on five shows a year. We welcome people with loads or no drama experience to get involved by audtioning, directing or teching our shows!

Here are our provisional show dates (subject to change):

Senior play- 14th October

Freshers Play- 16-18th November

Zebraphiles December show- 9th December

Pantomime- 25-27th January

Musical- 26-28th April



How do I get involved?

We are always thrilled to welcome new members so we’d love to get you involved! Come and meet us at Fresher’s Fair or follow our social media to keep up to date with auditions, workshops, calls for backstage and front of house and other events. 

Members page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BartsDrama/

Socialising Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/619532668152408/

Follow us on Instagram @bldramasociety

Please feel free to email us or DM us on socials about getting involved!



Outside of rehearsals and shows we love spending far too much time together! We will be organising plenty of events throughout the year, starting with the traditional Brick Lane curry and ending with our spectacular tour (at a secret location…). 

Even if your role within the society is dedicated audience member you’re more than welcome at our socials, you’ll have a great time at all of them!



Anyone who wants to become a member of our society is required to pay our baseline subs. If you have been a member of drama before this is the 'Senior Baseline Subs' option and is £10. For those new to drama you will pay the 'Fresher Baseline Subs' which is £5. Zebraphiles is an additional membership that can be bought alone or in conjunction with another membership.

To cover the costs of running our shows there is also an additional charge of £5 for each show you are in, which are shown separately in the payment options list



President – Eilidh Williams

Vice President (Stage) – Shivin Hassan

Vice President (Backstage) – James Tavner

Secretary – Ellie Street

Treasurer – Varvara Evgeniou

Head of Comedy (Zebraphiles) – Kavi Thobhani

Technical Officer – Sebastian Braithwaite

Hospitality Manager – Yousuf Khalid

Social Media Officer –  Dominie Smith Scott

Social Secretaries – Becca Zikking & Ellora Kamineni

BL Drama Elections 2023 PRESIDENT Round 2

The responsibilities of the President include: (i) Being the figurehead of the Society. (ii) Ensuring that the Society operates in accordance with its Constitution and the Articles of Association, bye-laws and policies of the Union. (iii) Attending Union training sessions as appropriate. (iv) Calling General Meetings of the Society. (v) Organising fair and transparent elections for the following year’s committee in accordance with section 5 of this bye-law. (vi) For being the point of contact between The Union and the Society members. The President is mandated to keep in regular contact with the relevant Society Officer and the Societies Co-ordinator. (vii) Authorising the withdrawal of expenditure from the Society’s account. (viii) To oversee the society becoming as diverse as possible. (ix) Delegate responsibility for providing informal academic support to an appropriate committee member (x) Delegate the supervision and assistance of the social secretaries in organising tour to an appropriate committee member (xi) Facilitate clear communication between committee and society members through termly newsletters. (xii) Delegate responsibility for being Welfare Lead to an appropriate committee member. The welfare support lead is responsible for keeping up to date with the correct procedure to signpost society members in need to the correct support services and educating committee on signposting

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