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Whether you have an interest in or study Economics or are interested in learning more through career support and interesting talks, we welcome everyone. We may have different backgrounds but are unified by our mutual interest in Economics.


Career Support

We will frequently hold events aimed at improving our members’ understanding of potential career paths involving a background or interest in economics. Our events range from speaker events to support students with their spring week, internship, and graduate job applications to interactive panel events to provide students with insights into various careers and sectors.


Employability Opportunities

The Economics Society seeks to boost your employability through a variety of workshops and involvement opportunities that can help you become a more competitve candidate. From the CV to online tests to technical interviews and assessment centres, we are here to help improve your chances with each aspect of the process. We will also provide opportunities for you to upskill yourself with chances to add experience and skills to your resume through Economics Society.


Academic Discourse

As the Economics Society, we seek to support both those studying Economics as well as those who are on different degree courses but would like to learn more about Economics. Our academic-focued events will provide opportunities for students to interact with the subject of economics, the theory behind it, and the current news affecting the world we live in. These talks are fantastic for anyone seeking to learn more about economics, expand their understanding of the subject, and gain more awareness of the current state of the economy.


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