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The ET Society is a open society welcoming students from all backgrounds including all STEM related fields. Our main focus is to create a fun, diverse and social atmosphere for students to learn in.

Our Aims and Goals 

The Engineering & Tech society is restarting this year and as of 2022, we are looking for new committee and non-committee members to join us on the STEM journey. Committee roles are listed below and we welcome all students to sign up and join the team via the links to the WhatsApp group/Instagram page for details on meetings and events.  

Our main aims and objectives are to hold various events, projects, learning-based activities within the Engineering and Tech fields (including STEM), fundraisers and fun outings throughout the academic year. The aim is to build, create and learn about new products or services used in engineering designs and the technology surrounding them. We plan to also host talks and seminars from leading experts in order to expand knowledge and gain an understanding of STEM careers.

The most important objective is to create a relaxed and fun environment whilst also testing and progressing our knowledge through team lead projects. This may include the use of CAD software, coding and some hands-on experience in desig building, electronics and any required tools and equipment. We will also focus on multiple engineering sectors such as civil, aeronautical, sustainable, and many more engineering fields. 

Stay tuned for dates for our first ice breaker session (free of charge) and find us during freshers week. Follow us on Instagram/Whatsapp for more information (linked below). 

Committee Members: 


Vice President & Co Treasurer: 


Welfare Officer: 


Commitee Roles available and a link to their description:

Electronics & Coding Representative 

Technology Constultant 

Events & Campaigns Officer 

Administrative Officer

Liason Representative  

(All roles are subject to change including the addition of more roles) 

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