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The E&T Society offers an open, diverse environment that welcomes students from all backgrounds including all STEM-related fields.



The Engineering & Tech (E&T) Society is continuing once again for 2023/24 academic year! We are looking for new committee and non-committee members to join us on the STEM journey. Committee roles are listed below and we welcome all students to sign up and join the team via the links to the WhatsApp group/Instagram page (also linked below) for details on meetings and events.  

Our main aims and objectives are listed below:

  • To provide like-minded students with further insight into the world of Engineering and Technology advancements. 
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge amongst students interested in STEM by organising workshops, guest seminars, and career panels.
  • Run workshops to enhance and develop different technical skills, e.g. programming via hackathons
  • Host networking opportunities to help students meet professionals within the E&T field and obtain potential internship opportunities


Overall, our most important objective is to create a relaxed and fun environment whilst also testing and progressing our STEM knowledge through team-led E&T projects. This may include the use of CAD software, coding, and some hands-on experience using electrical tools for design-building challenges. Our society will have a focus on a variety of Engineering fields, such as Biomedical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Robotics, etc., as well as Physics, Computer Science, and other Tech-heavy fields. 

Stay tuned for upcoming dates for our first icebreaker session (free of charge) and find us during Freshers Week!


Current Committee Members

President: Sophie Sadiatoonasa 

Treasurers: Axel Bechtle, Bailey O'Brien

Administrative Officer: Aman Sadiq

Engineering Lead: Reddwan Jahir

Marketing & Social Media Officer: Hulimatu Jalloh

Available committee roles:

  • Administrative Officer
  • Coding Lead
  • Engineering Lead 
  • Technology Consultant 
  • Marketing & Social Media Officer 
  • Events & Campaign Officer 
  • Welfare Officer

Link to committee role descriptions:

Link to apply for vacant committee roles:



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Engineering & Tech Society Elections 2024/25

This is Engineering & Tech Society's election for the academic year 2024/2025. To be eligible to run, you will need to have this year's membership and be a student next year at QMUL.

2 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 09:00 on Tuesday 7 May 2024 (in 12 days)

The polls open at 09:00 on Monday 13 May 2024 (in 18 days)

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