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We’re the English Society, revamped and ready for 2021/22. The Queen Mary English Society is here to get students to explore their degree outside of the compulsory syllabus and connect with others doing the same! We plan events and host frequent socials to get students together in a casual and chilled atmosphere, all to enrich your Queen Mary experience.

We want to focus on all aspects of English in this society; reading, writing, drama, critical thought and more- not just what’s on the surface. So students from any school of study are welcomed!


Our committee:

Presidents: Isabel Hardy and Aimee Missen

Vice President: Molly Pickup

Treasurer: Prerna Bhagat

Welfare Rep: Katie Butler

Social Media Manager: Lilyemma Whalley


Check out our socials for more information and regular updates on trips, meetups and more!

Feel free to get in touch :)


No elections are currently running

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