Queen Mary Formula Student -  A team of dedicated young individuals part of Queen Mary University of London who are passionate about motorsports and eager to compete.


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Queen Mary Formula Student -  A team of dedicated young individuals part of Queen Mary University of London who are passionate about motorsports and eager to compete against the most innovative minds in this industry. We ambitiously seek to participate at Silverstone in the IMechE Formula Student competition by designing, building and racing a formula style single-seat race car. 

We are a student-run society filled with members from various degree programmes. Every year, we compete in the IMechE Formula Student competition against other teams from around the world. The competition is split into two phases: Class 1 and Class 2. Class 1 is the main event where teams are judged across 6 categories on the car they have designed and built. After the car has passed the rigorous inspection, the teams will be allowed to compete in the dynamic events. Class 2 is where teams are judged on business presentation, cost and design.

The society is split into two teams: Senior and Associate. The associate team is for new members and is intended to help prepare them for taking on more responsibility in QMFS in future years. Here new members will learn CAD (Solidworks licence included), design skills, the mechanics of building a race car and get much needed hands-on experience. They can also learn highly valued soft skills such as how to organise events, finances and marketing as Formula Student is not simply an engineering competition, it seeks to emulate a professional race team so there are many opportunities for those interested in business and operations.

All associate members will be welcome at our social events even if they don't want to work towards a place in the senior team.

The senior team is split into two: Engineering and Operations. Within the Engineering team, there are several sub-teams: Drivetrain, Powertrain, Electronics, Suspension and Chassis. A group of hardworking Engineering students are determined to create an operational race car. The Operations team is focused on acquiring sponsorships, managing finances, branding and keeping up-to-date with administration tasks. Each team meets weekly to record the progress made to assigned tasks and to discuss future plans.

As a member, you will learn invaluable skills – from team working to technical knowledge – that will carry you through university and into your chosen career. You do not necessarily have to be an engineer to join our thrilling project. We have members from various departments including, but not limited to, Business, Film & Drama, Economics and Computer Science. If learning to become a leader, meeting new people from different degree backgrounds, and building a strong network with our connections to the university and industry are what you are looking for, then join our team and be part of our success.

We are also running events continuously! Keep a lookout in the events section of the SU webpage, search for Formula Student!

If you wish to support the society then please feel free to purchase a contribution membership. The society is also open to donations at https://www.qmsu.org/donate/ for anybody that may wish to support the progress of our team and the building of the next generation of engineers.

For any queries regarding events or general knowledge about QMFS please email: events.qmfs@gmail.com

Add us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and LinkedIn to follow our exciting progress!

Website: www.qmformulastudent.co.uk

Facebook: Queen Mary Formula Student  

Twitter: @QueenMaryFS

Instagram: qmformulastudent

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Team Principal: Efe Sen

Head of Engineering: Antonio Brozicevic

Head of Operations & Treasurer: Jacobo Pavía Palmlöf

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