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Our club is open to everyone, those who have been playing for years and those who have never picked up the club before and are just starting out.

Our Basic Membership until the end of the academic year is just £5. This will give you access to all QM Golf sport events at a very competitive price we have managed to agree for our club members and all social events

Taster session information

Wanstead Golf Club

We have successfully completed our taster session at Wanstead Golf Club on 2nd Feb 2020.  There is no another formal taster session planned, but if you are interested in joining the training, please email us and we will try to book you a place during our regular training for a taster.

Greenwich Peninsula Driving Range

We have successfully completed our taster session at the driving range on 13th Feb 2020.  There is no another formal taster session planned, but if you are interested in joining us at the range, please email us to find out more details.


In line with the mission of our club we are going to arrange for all members an opportunity to play at a real golf club and to be trained by a golf pro. As a second component of our golf training program we will conduct group visits to the driving range as self-training of swing at the driving range is an essential part of golf.

Our home club is Wanstead Golf Club (http://www.wansteadgolfclub.com/) , where we have weekly training sessions on Sundays at 14:00 with a brilliant coach, PGA professional, David Hawkins.

In the evening (on weekday and time to be confirmed) we are playing on the Greenwich Peninsula Golf Driving Range and you can join us whenever you can for a fun approximately 1-hour long self-training golfing session, which can also give you an opportunity to further develop your skills.


No equipment is necessary when coming to the training sessions at Wanstead Golf Club, the clubs and golf balls will be provided. However, please bring along your own clubs if you have them.

As the sessions take place outside please make sure to wear appropriate clothing. During training sessions at Wanstead Golf Club Dress Rules of Golf need to be followed:  http://www.wansteadgolfclub.com/page.aspx?pid=58076


Next year we are planning to play in the BUCS Golf League against other universities in the UK.

This academic year if you are a holder of the handicap 12 or below for girls and 6 or below for boys, you can join Alexandra in BUCS Tour Competitions, where you get a chance to compete against amazing student golfers from all the universities across the UK.

Don’t worry if your current handicap is higher than that or you don’t have one at all, as we will do our best to help you reach it and to achieve your full potential while here at Queen Mary.

How can you get involved?

  1. Purchase your membership
  2. Follow us on our social media accounts (links below)
  3. Email us if you have any questions we will be delighted to help

Contact details

President - Alexandra Mazayeva / a.s.p.mazayeva@se19.qmul.ac.uk

Vice president/treasurer - Nadya Watts / n.l.watts@se18.qmul.ac.uk


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