Islamic Society for the students of Malta Campus.

Greeting: As-salamu alaykum (“Peace be unto you!”)
Response: Wa ?alaykumu s-salam (“And unto you peace!”)

Welcome to the Barts Malta Islamic Society (Isoc). Our plan is to curate an Islamic community for the students here at the Barts Malta campus. We aim to unify the Muslim community and enhance their experience on campus through engaging activities and collaborations with other societies and universities across the globe!

Our vision:

  • Advocate for facilities and amenities related to religious requirements
  • Provide an understanding on the fundamental principles of Islam
  • Be a source of Islamic knowledge through conferences and debates
  • Tackle the common misconceptions of Islam by exemplifying the beauty of the religion

Everyone is welcome. We would love for all of you to join us and get involved!

Presidents: Daniyal Shaikh ( Tijani (

Vice Presidents: Mohammad Osman ( & Faisal Kanan (

Treasurer: Aryan Patra (

Welfare Officer: Hamza Idrees (

No elections are currently running

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