Japan Society


Japan Society is for anyone interested in Japanese culture, food or language.

FOR AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP: Please contact us via Instagram or Email for details

Some of the events we've hosted this year:

  • Free Weekly Japanese Language Lessons
  • Japanese Pen Pal Program
  • Dinners at Japanese restaurants
  • Social events: such as Pub Social with ICL JSoc, Sake & Soju night with KPop Soc, Nihongo Night + more
  • Sports activities: Undokai with London Uni Japan Socities and Dodgeball with ABACUS
  • Traditional Japanese Workshops: Taiko Drumming

Purchasing our membership will allow you to receive discounted prices to our paid events and at partner cafes. 
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23/24 Committee:
President: Nicholas Tan
Vice President: James Kim
Treasurer: Khsham Rahman
Events Director: Benji Fountaine
Events Director: Daniel Spill
Marketing Director: Yamato Sano
Language Coordinator: Jaycee Chan
Careers Coordinator: Naoki Kishida


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