Judo is a modern Japanese martial art and competitive Olympic sport. Created in 1882 and placing emphasis on randori (free sparring), the goal of competitive Judo is to throw an opponent, immobilise them with a pin, or force an opponent to submit with a joint lock or a choke, mainly by using their balance and power against them.
This makes Judo an effective self defense method and a fun way to keep (or get) fit, especially at Queen Mary Judo Club. It's accessible to all ages, genders and skill levels.
Come along to our sessions to practice this great art in a friendly and welcoming environment. If you've never practiced a martial art before, this is a great opportunity to try something different. If you're experienced in Judo then this is your chance to reconnect. We have a place for everyone.


Your first session will be FREE – so come along and give it a go!

Training/Taster Session

Day & Time: Sundays 2:30-4:30pm in Qmotion's Mind & Body Studio.

Equipment: Bring a judo gi if you have one, or if not, loose fitting sportswear. If spare gis are available, new participants will be given them.


BUCS competition and any British Judo Association (BJA) approved tounaments.

How to get involved

  1. Register your interest with the club - join the Facebook group and get in contact with the club committee members!
  2. Attend a taster session. If you can't, your first session is free!
  3. Purchase membership after your 1st session at QMSU!
  4. Join the British Judo Association for a free gi and grading!

Personal Fitness

QMSU offers a gym on the Mile End campus, Qmotion, as well as a sister-gym in Charterhouse Square, Fitness to Practice, both with competitive student membership rates. This is ideal for students who want to purchase a gym membership - which is separate from a Club Sport subs - to improve and maintain peak physical fitness.

With every gym membership, you get a free 60 minute one-to-one session with trained instructors which includes:

  • A personalised gym programme tailored to your own fitness goals;
  • A full demonstration of exercise and techniques, and guidance on resistance machines;
  • Information and advice on nutrition;
  • A 60 minute review session every 6-8 weeks to re-evaluate and re-customise a new programme to avoid plateaus.


Glenn Spiers - Coach

Elikem Jubey - President

Humza Muzammal - Treasurer

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