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Looking for the perfect group to share your interests? Or want to be part of a small and friendly group within Queen Mary? Then the London Transport Society is for you!

London Transport Society

The London Transport Society's Elizabeth Line event.

Welcome to the London Transport Society. We're a small group of like-minded individuals who are all interested in transport, cities, infrastructure and many other areas. If you're looking for a small friendly group, then please get in touch.

Despite only starting in March 2022, we have already held many events and meetups, including being on the first Elizabeth Line train from Abbey Wood (pictured). This year, we hope to hold many more events including station visits, historical walks and social meetups. Below is a list of some of the events we have upcoming or planned for this academic year.

Note to New Members

If you've decided to become a member of the London Transport Society, we are very appreciative. We have set up a WhatsApp group for LTS members. When you become a member, we will send an email with the link to this group if you would like to join, please allow a few days for this email, as it will need to be done manually. Feel free to send us an email or get in touch on Instagram if you haven't recieved it. Thank you!


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