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Welcome to QM Malayali Society

We hope to add some Mallu magic to the rest of your 2023/24 with exciting and new fun-filled events. Our committee is working hard to put together regular content on our social media and through our events that will highlight the love we share for our beautiful culture and history. This year we hope to hold jam-packed events full of Mallu culture and vibes so people can learn more about what QM Malayali Society really is.

We are thrilled about what’s in store for this year and looking forward to seeing as many of you at our events and joining our community here at QM! 

Committee Members (23/24)

Co-Presidents: Joyal John & Aaron Dominic

Vice-President and Welfare Representative: Eshita Nair

Treasurer: Sona Joby

Head of Events: Nathan Soares & Kristi George

Head of Social Media: Thirisha Anpalakan

QM Malayali Society Election 2024/2025

This is QM Malayali Society's election for the academic year 2024/2025, to be eligible to run you will need to have this year's membership and be a student next year at QMUL.

2 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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