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Our mission as Synthetic Biology and Biochemical Engineering Society is to create a collaborative space that brings together individuals interested in biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, maths, engineering, and computer science. At our core, we want to embrace the interdisciplinary nature of modern research in synthetic biology, thus welcoming people from various backgrounds, no matter what their experience is, and expose them to the complex nature of bioprocessing. In other words, we are building a community of STEM people wanting to learn, explore, and build.

We are a project-oriented group and in 2024 we would like to host a multitude of workshops and seminars on topics such as: computer vision for cell cultures, plasmid design, hardware design for bioprocesses, laboratory techniques, and more. You can expect a variety of panels and talks with people form both the academia and the industry, as well as collaborations with other London-based societies.

As a newly formed society, we want to dedicate this year to building a strong team and improving our research skills for a world-class syntetic biology competition: iGEM 2025, which is all about students-led research project addressing local and global issues using synthetic biology. Learn more about iGEM:

We are building strong relations with academic staff to provide you with insights into research done at QMUL, as well as to build training programs in collaboration with the faculty.

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