Nepalese Society


QMNSoc formed in December 2009 is about celebrating the Nepalese culture and tradition. This is the society for you if you're up for socialising and meeting people from various backgrounds or learning about Nepal, a small country but extremely diverse with 75 districts, 102 different castes and ethnic groups.

We host various social events throughout the year from freshers welcome dinner, Diwali & Tihar festival celebrations, leavers farewell dinner held at Nepalese restaurants within London, house parties & many more. We also welcome external students to perform and if you're interested please do message us on our Instagram page @qmulnepsoc.

Nepalese society is where we come together as a group of small family to share our pride and enjoy the Nepalese culture. We warmly welcome those who are interested in celebrating this with us despite of his or her cultural origins. 


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President: Jeff Gurung

Vice President: Mary Tumbrok

Treasurer: Shree Budhathoki

Social Media Manager: Kabina Gurung

Welfare Representative : Eksha Chongbong

Events Manager : Smriti Rai

No elections are currently running

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