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Queen Mary and Barts and the London Neuroscience Society (in short, NeuroSoc) was created in 2009, encompassing neuroscience, neurology and neurosurgery. Our society organises events suited for both non-medical and medical students.

NeuroSoc aims to encourage and inspire students who find neuroscience interesting and challenging. The society is open to students of all subjects, from Biology to Medicine, and at all levels, from undergraduate to PhD. 

We try to combine neuroscience with fun and more laid-back atmosphere and organise 'Pints of Neuro',when we meet in a quaint pub in East London and listen to inspiring talks. This year, in the first term we are going to lsiten dr. Baker's talk on potential therapeutic use of cannabis in neurological diseases. Later on (around December) we are going to host prof. Zeki (famous for his TED talks) in order to gain a deeper understanding of neurobiology behind beauty.

At times we also host more specialist events, such as teaching workshops for medical students' clinical skills(this year collaborating with the academic foundation doctors), as well as one-day symposiums where students of all disciplines can present their research and attend talks from neuroscientists and neurologists who come for the day. This year  (in November) we are hosting a Neurosurgical Conference (in partnership with the Surgical Society).

January is going to be fun as we teamed up with Psychiatric Society and invited various experts(such as Prof. Nutt or Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris) to talk about Psychedelic Drugs.

Our biggest event of the year is going to be Symposium on Demyelinating Diseases (18th of February 2017) to which you are all codially invited!

NeuroSoc is also a part of London Students' Neuroscience Network. It is a newly established network that brings together students across London universities interested in neuroscience and related sciences.  We meet quite regularly to socialise and share our passion for neuroscience with like-minded people

On our website we keep an up-to-date list of upcoming events, as well as a gallery of our events. If you want to keep in touch with us and participate in discussions on facebook, join our facebook group. For constant updates on our activities, follow @QMBLNeurosoc on twitter.

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President: Dominika Raciborska
VP Barts: Katarzyna Marasinska
VP Queen Mary: Nadia Louise Howard
Treasurer: Mike Holman
Event Officer: James Newman
Academic officer: Moghees Hanif
PR Officer: Louis Yssennagger
LSNN representatives: Alenita Sim Deborah Abraham
Revision Officer: Nadia Razavi
Creative Lead: Jagenpreet Rai
Social Secretary QM: Simran Dhaliwal
Helper: Anne-Marie Taylor
Helper: Sajeev Shanmuganandarajah



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