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Hi Brainiacs!

Welcome to Barts & the London Neuroscience Society.

We are glad that you share our interest and love for neuroscience, neurology and neurosurgery! As a society, we aim to help you gain a deeper insight into this field by bringing you events that encompass all 3 pathways, combining both the clinical and research aspects. 


This year, we are hosting more specialist events in hopes to inspire you to follow your passion for neuroscience! Here is a sneak preview of some of our events: 

  • Engaging talks given by established clinicians 
  • Neuroscience Journal Club – join our committee in reviewing the most current scientific articles and research papers!
  • NeuroKnow Teaching Initiative - where students and doctors will be providing quality revision sessions to top up your brain & behaviour knowledge
  • Our esteemed Annual Conference! Here you’ll have a chance to present your work as well as attend the talks and workshops we have planned throughout the day. 


We look forward to seeing all you brainiacs at these amazing events this year! 


Join us by buying subs for only £3 a year! 


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The Neurosoc committee: 

Co-presidents: Abdelmadjid Zinet & Tim Loong
VP Neuroscience: Anas Alsalem
VP Neurosurgery: Constantinos Thoma
VP Neurology: Lillyanne Tran
Treasurer: Janice Tan Sue Wei
Secretary: Elias Badin
Publicity Officers: Shinjan Sangal & Sumaya Ali
Academic Lead: Nathan Chisvo & Arabella Lukas

Conference Lead: Ariadni Georgiannakis
Education Lead: Nadirah Alam
Clinical Representative: Amrita Bhattacharyya
Pre-clinical Representative: Lynda Khun
Neuroscience Representative: Charlotte Williamson

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