Hello and welcome to the BL Orthopaedic Society (BLOS)!

What can BLOS provide you? 

  • Set up by Barts medical students with a passion for orthopaedic surgery
  • Lectures and tutorials from leading orthopaedic surgeons that will broaden a student's knowledge of orthopaedics including: How to become and orthopod, what the speciality involves, and the various sub-specilaiites that orthopaedics has to offer.
  • Hands-on interactive workshops in our exclusive bone-saw demonstrations
  • Become familiar with the work of the British Orthopaedic Trainees Assocition (BOTA)
  • Develop a network between students and orthopaedic trainees/consultants that will help students to participate in audits, surgery and research.
  • Opportunities to present research in any field of trauma & orthopaedics

BL OrthoSoc Committee Members 2018/19:

President: Matthew Barrett

VP Conference: Florence Wilkinson

VP Careers: David Bull

VP Skills: Labib Syed

Treasurer: Safwan Umar

General Secretary: Pieter Yan Eyskens

Pre-Clinical Representative: Artemis Mantzavinou

Clincial Representative: Oriol Casanova

Marketing & Design: Michal Grela
Publicity Officer: Yumna Nayab

Academia: Mir-Wais Habib



No elections are currently running


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