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Welcome to QMBL Brazillian Jiu Jitsu!

All QM & BL students welcome



Class Schedule

This weekend's session will be led by our VP Angela!

Sunday 9th 11-12pm: Introductory session- fundamentals class

Sunday 9th 12-1pm: Open mat- all levels


If you're attending, please pay subs beforehand or message a member of the committe. Committee members will be checking at class because as time goes on we need it to book the training space. If for whatever reason you cannot pay subs before then contact our VP & Welfare officer on whatsapp or via email (see below)


How can I join?

1. Fill out the google form using your university email address to register your interest.

2. Email Daniel Hawkins ( so that I can send you the chat invite link

3. Purchase either a trial class or full sub, and email our treasurer Eissa Sakeen ( with Subject: BJJ membership and proof of purchase.

4. If you want to join a class, put your name down on the attendance form, found in the whatsapp groupchat.

You should read our disclaimer regarding health and safety before attending your first class.


Not in the group chat?

Make sure you've filled out our response form. Please email our president Daniel Hawkins ( using your university email


About BJJ and our club

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling martial art aimed with maximizing real fight applicability. You can learn takedowns, positioning, chokes, and joint locks.

We've got:

  • Beginner friendly culture. No matter your gender, physical condition or previous experience, we welcome you! And its a great way to make new friends
  • All grappling, no striking. No punches or kicks. If you’ve done Judo or wrestling, it greatly translates!
  • A Great workout. Technique, drills & situational practice are great cardio and full body workouts. 
  • MMA fundamental- If you hope to do MMA one day, or just love UFC, you need Jiu Jitsu!
  • It works! BJJ black belt Royce Gracie won the first ever UFC match! BJJ is a key discipline in the martial arts world, with notable fighters like Nate Diaz, George St Pierre & Charles Olivera, as well as actors like Tom Hardy & Keanu Reeves

£38 Sub

How much is a sub? As we’re a new club, a full year sub will only be £38! This allows you to come to all our classes this year! We will be running a minimum of 7 student led classes (more depending on how many people join). If you’d love to try a class but are unsure if you want to commit to the sub, you attend a trial class for just £10. What do you need for the first session? Just normal gym kit!

[Because we are in our first year of operation, we must remain self sufficient in funding. As a result, we run student led classes. We are also unable to provide free trial classes for this reason. With enough interest, we could have the potential to hire external, proffessional coaching]


Classes by catagory:

Introductory: Beginners- fundamentals class aimed at beginners, or good refresher for grapplers who have taken time off.

Open mat: All levels- classic Sunday open mat where all levels are welcome to roll, drill and learn without coaching, potentially followed by a post open mat brunch.

In the future we will run:

Competition class: Competitors- Competition aid class aimed at mimicking competition level intensity. Useful for our fighters who want to compete in gi & no gi tournaments.

inter-university sessions: All levels- joint sessions run with other London university BJJ clubs, with lots of friendly competition.

Contact us at:

Daniel Hawkins -

QMBL BJJ President


Eissa Sakaeen-

QMBL BJJ Treasurer


Angela Fitzpatrick-

QMBL BJJ Vice president & Welfare Officer


Tahmid Amhmad-

QMBL BJJ co-Treasurer


Disclaimer: By participating in our QMBL BJJ class, you are declaring that you are in good health, and that you understand the risk of participation in any martial arts and sporting activities. Practicing and playing sport always runs risk of injury, but if it is done in safe conditions, injuries can be kept to a minimum. By participating in a BJJ session, it is understood that the QMBL BJJ committee and our QMSU associates cannot be held liable for any injuries that possibly occur while safety precautions have been given and are administered.
Please act respectfully both on the mat and off the mat towards the comittee, staff and other students.
Tom Hardy is a seasoned BJJ Blue belt!


Meet the team!

President- Daniel Hawkins

Vice President & Welfare officer- Angela Fitzgerald

Treasurers - Eissa Sakeen & Tahmid Ahmad


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