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Welcome to QMBL Brazillian Jiu Jitsu!

(Sorry we didnt see you at fresher's fair, we had Covid!)

First training date:  Sunday 2nd October 11-12pm

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling martial art aimed with maximizing real fight applicability. You can learn takedowns, positioning, chokes, and joint locks.

We've got:

  • Beginner friendly culture. No matter your gender, physical condition or previous experience, we welcome you! And its a great way to make new friends
  • All grappling, no striking. No punches or kicks. If you’ve done Judo or wrestling, it greatly translates!
  • - A Great workout. Technique, drills & situational practice are great cardio and full body workouts. 
  • - MMA fundamental- If you hope to do MMA one day, or just love UFC, you need Jiu Jitsu!
  • It works! BJJ black belt Royce Gracie won the first ever UFC match! BJJ is a key discipline in the martial arts world, with notable fighters like Nate Diaz, George St Pierre & Charles Olivera, as well as actors like Tom Hardy & Keanu Reeves

How much is a sub? As we’re a new club, a full year sub will only be £38! This allows you to come to all our classes this year! We will be running a minimum of 7 student led classes (more depending on how many people join). If you’d love to try a class but are unsure if you want to commit to the sub, you attend a free trial class for just £10. What do you need for the first session? Just normal gym kit!



We'll run many introductory sessions aimed at people with little or no grappling experienced, where we teach the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu.

With enough interest, we will run a few open matt sessions aimed at higher level white belts and blue belts. Due to the recent establishment of our club, we will not be running sessions teaching techniques for advanced students.


Interested? Register your interest here:

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Contact us at:

Daniel Hawkins -

QMBL BJJ president


Tom Hardy is a seasoned BJJ Blue belt!


Meet the team:

President- Daniel Hawkins

Vice President & Welfare officer- Angela Fitzgerald

Treasurers - Eissa Sakeen & Tahmid Ahmad


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