Welcome to Queen Mary Salsa Society! 

We are a Latin American social and competitive dancing society. We have weekly Salsa and Bachata classes and are now starting our first ever performance team for both couples and ladies! 


Why come learn with us:

  • Salsa society is a very open club. It’s a great way to meet new people while having fun and discovering the Latin American culture.
  • We have regular clases for begginers.
  • This year we have two peformance teams - couples salsa and ladies bachata. Click here to view last year's ladies bachata performance video. 
  • Intermediates can audition to join either performance teams and compete across UK or abroad.
  • In each class we learn new steps that we can practice among ourselves or go to a salsa bar together or during events with other universities. 
  • We organise external events and trips around the UK for latin events such as reggaeton nights, or salsa-bachata festivals.          ·


A bit of our history:

These past years we have been guests and participated in events with other Universities, such as Oxford University, Goldsmith university Southampton University and Birmingham University. 

Now are goal is to create a performance team so that we could compete at local amateur competitions.



Membership is £6. This allows you to purchase cheaper weekly classes and also includes socials! Once you become a member, we will contact you with a link to join our exclusive members whatsapp group. 


This year we are bringing back our weekly in-person classes of salsa and bachata (mostly footwork technique - no partners required) with our professional teacher Ivan Galvez. 

  • Every Wednesday 6-8pm Beginners Level (first hour salsa, second hour bachata) at the BLSA Dance Studio - Whitechapel campus. Classes start on the week commencing 04 October 2021. 

    Members: It costs £7 to attend 2 hours of classes, £4 for 1 hour only.
    Non-members: It costs £10 to attend 2 hours of classes, £6 for 1 hour only.

    You can buy our 1month package deal for ONLY £25 and have access to both our salsa and bachata classes. 2 hours per week. 4 weeks. If you're interested to purchase a pack, please get in touch on our email or social media accounts.
  • Every Friday 5:30-7:30pm Performance Team rehearsals (first hour salsa couple, second hour bachat ladies) at the BLSA Dance Studio - Whitechapel campus.  Classes start on the week commencing 04 October 2021.
  • We have special deals for our members to attend classes of various levels - beginners, improvers, advanced intermediates, in other venues across London to learn from the best teachers and get a much better social experience. Some of the venues are Bar Salsa, Bachata Spice, Salsateca and many more...


We now have our first ever Couples Salsa Performance Team and Ladies Bachata team!!! Check out the last year's ladies bachata team video on our Instagram @qmsalsasociety and message us or our Performance Team Coordinator (Tina @tina_nazmie) for more information.


Every Friday 17:30-19:30 - starting 4th of October!

(+ additional hours of practice)

Our choreographer is @melittasiomos - UK bachata champion and Germany ladies styling champion!


Check out our social media to see what we have coming up for you!





President: Ishana Rhea Ramtohul 

Vice President: 

Treasurer: Barbara Bourdon

Social Media Officer: Nitisha Mistry

Secretary officer: 

Performance Team Coordinator: Tina Nazmie

Event organiser: 

Event organiser: 

Welfare Officer: 

No elections are currently running

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