Saudi Society


An open-to-all society, from Saudi hearts

Welcome to the Saudi Society at Queen Mary!

Here, we're all about celebrating the vibrant culture of Saudi Arabia in a fun and inclusive way. Our society is a diverse community where everyone is welcome, regardless of their background. We're here to make your time at university more enriching and enjoyable.

Our Vision:
To immerse the Queen Mary campus in the lively and diverse aspects of Saudi culture, fostering a sense of unity and cultural exploration for all.

Our Mission:
To create a dynamic and supportive community that brings students together through cultural exchange, social activities, and educational events.

Our Aims:
1. Build a friendly and inclusive environment for everyone to socialize, learn, and have fun.
2. Serve as a cultural bridge, inviting students to experience and appreciate the richness of Saudi heritage.
3. Enhance campus life by introducing exciting cultural perspectives and traditions from Saudi Arabia.

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