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The QMUL skate society is here for students to meet & socialize with people with a passion for skating from those who are beginners to more experienced skaters.



 The skate society is here to help students relax and socialize with people that have a passion or interest in skating including to those who are beginners and would like to try and learn from more experienced skaters. We are inclusive of all types of 'skating' from roller skating to regular skateboarding, to longboarding, whatever you enjoy the most.


Skating is an amazing active hobby and we hope that people get to enjoy it as much as they can, the best part about skating is seeing progress every day and getting better step by step. So come meet fellow-minded students looking to do the same.


What we have to offer:

for beginners there will be two skateboards that are open for you to try, and if it's something you think you would enjoy you can get your own for future events. Aim to make friends with people who enjoy skating!


We plan to hold weekly meet-up events, to skate in an open place near the campus such as Mile End park. When the weather is good the opportunity to skate will be outdoors, but if not we will go to an indoor skate park every now and then.


So to get involved:

  • Send us any questions on Instagram @qmulskate or message the WhatsApp/send an email.
  • Purchase your membership.
  • Stay updated via the social pages or the WhatsApp group chat.

You're all set!



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