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Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

Whether you've championed each new challenge since your childhood, or you're just making the first steps in your journey - we'd love to have you!

Here at the QMUL Pokémon Society, we offer you a cosy community and social space through Pokémon, the global sensation for people of all ages. There's so much to unpack and enjoy within the franchise, and it serves as a fun and creative medium for all manner of events and activities.

Maybe you have lots of childhood nostalgia to re-live and appreciate; maybe you just like playing the newest handheld games, or the countless spin-off series; maybe it's the real-world appeal of Pokémon GO, or any of the mobile games; maybe you're into the collectable trading card game, or even its Championships; maybe you're interested in the competitive gaming scene, be it VGC, Showdown or Unite; maybe it's the animated series, the movies, or even the lesser known manga; maybe it's caught your attention as a creative outlet, or you're a collectionist about the figures; maybe you honestly just like the cute and fluffy plushies!

We have something for everyone... but it's not complete without you! Alongside a close-knit network of London university Pokésocs, join us to enrich your university experience with the vibrant world of pocket monsters!


President: Riley Griffin

Vice President: Matteo Salomone

Treasurer: Xiang Li

Welfare Rep: Jannat Ambia

Social Media Rep: Tajala Ali


For news & updates on what we're doing, to meet & chat with fellow members, and generally get the most out of your membership:

See all our socials on Linktree, and join our Discord server!

Events Calendar:

Sept-Oct Pok├ęsoc Calendar

Rest of Semester 1 to follow in Oct!


  • Shortlisted for 'Small Group With a Big Impact Award' Awards 2022-2023
  • Awarded Silver for the Societies Excellence Award 2017-18
  • Shortlisted for 'Best Hobby and Interest Society' in the National Societies Awards 2017  
  • Awarded Bronze for the Societies Excellence Award 2016-17





















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