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Hey there! We are the QM Street Dance Society: A community of dancers who want to train together with a focus on Freestyling, Exploration, and Improvement.

We use ‘Street dancing’ as a broad term to include anything Funky, Fresh, and Swag: Whether you are into Popping, Breaking, Krumping, Litefeet, House, Whacking, Locking, Jerkin’, Boogaloo, All, more, or even none; you are welcome to join.


We train in a non-competitive environment and want to create an atmosphere where everyone can help everyone: so regardless of your experience level, you are more than welcome to attend our sessions. 


We take inspiration from the values and structures of old school dance communities around the time of many of these styles’ inception, and so we preach love and respect: we also aim to educate people about street dance as it is something that tends to get misrepresented.


What is street dance?

So, you saw the list of styles but are unsure what any of them mean? Well, as we’ve said, street dancing is an umbrella term for a lot of dance styles with relatively related histories, Most of which were started in America between the 60s to the 90s. They are styles that have vast cultures, unique stories, and wonderful move lexicons, but unfortunately over time through popular  depictions, have been grouped together as ‘Hip Hop’ despite not necessarily being related to Hip Hop culture. 

While each of these styles have their own respective ways of moving, they all share a key aspect of communal practices. 

How our society works:

We will meet on a twice per week basis to train; each session with a different focus, which can either be a style, a skill, or a concept.

Throughout our session we will do a quick run-down of what we will be doing: detailing our all that needs to be detailed out for that day, we will then warm-up, practise some moves, combos, or techniques, drill them, and then either freestyle together, have a discussion, play a game such as ‘follow-along’, or a mixture of all three: we pretty much go based on vibe.

Occasionally we will have social meetups, attend dance events, do internal showcases, have discussion boards, host cool events, or have sessions dedicated to specific things that have a high demand.

Whatever session you come to first is your trial session and you’re more than welcome to attend a few times before purchasing a membership: however, memberships are very helpful as we need the money to afford things like a better speaker, snacks, and future events.

What the basic gist of it all is:

We want to create a non-judgemental and friendly environment for dancers to socialise and practice. We feel like nowadays the dance world is heavily focused on choreography and competition, which are both great things! But they unfortunately make us feel like there’s not enough chances to just experiment, make mistakes, act silly, and socialise. Sure, we will have battles, but that won’t be our sole focus, if anything, our main focus is to make you enjoy your own dance journey at your own pace and to give you a good and welcoming community to flourish within: whether you’re a professional or have never done more than bop your head to a song; you are welcome to join our society and have fun d:


Regular sessions on Thursdays between 13:00-14:30

Occasional pop-up sessions and social events.


Join our whatsapp group to know where the sessions will be held

Any session you turn up to is your trail session, but feel free to turn up to more before you make up your mind :)

*potential extra sessions to be announced soon


message us if you feel like you'd be a good match for any committee role! :)


Fun fact:

You’ve probably heard the term ‘this thing 2: electric boogaloo’, but do you actually know where that comes from? Well, electric boogaloo is a substyle of boogaloo dancing which mixes in popping. The movie ‘breaking’ (which is to blame for a lot of misinformation about street dancing :[ ), has a sequel called ‘breaking 2: electric boogaloo’ which is where the meme comes from! 

Street Dance Society Election 2024/25

This is Street Dance Society's election for the academic year 2024/2025. To be eligible to run, you will need to have this year's membership and be a student next year at QMUL.

2 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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