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StreetDoctors is a national charity and movement of young healthcare volunteers who train young people to become life savers in their communities. Here in East London, students at Barts and The London make up the volunteers, and can end up voluntering alongside nurses, paramedics and other medical staff / students across the region. 

We teach many types of sessions. Between our "Bleeding" and "Knocked out" session to our "Scenarios'" and promotional volunteer days, there is always a way to get involved here at EastLondon SD. For example our Bleeding session looks at teaching the theory behind why bleeding is dangrous, and some simple anatomy and biology, whilst the knocked out session is more practical and hands on, with teaching focused on the dangers of becoming unconscious, the recovery position and CPR!  

So if you have a passion for teaching and working with young people in the community and hope to inspire and make a difference to the lives of young people who are most affected by the topics we teach, then we look forward to meeting you soon! There really is no better place for you than amongst our amazing volunteers here at Barts!

We take in new volunteers every September/October so if you want to get involved do come and see us at our freshers stall in Whitechapel on Wednesday 21st September 1pm - 4pm to sign up! You do not have to be a fresher to sign up!

Medical students who are a part of Barts and The London can sign up at the stall or message our instagram, and are then invited along to a 2 minute presentation and subsequent interview at a later date (Probably early October) to be considered for selection into our team!

The date of the presentations is not set yet, however following this date we will not be taking anymore submissions for volunteers until next year. Do message us before/ on the 21st September if you cannot make it in person, for a chance to be a volunteer as we can then consider you as we plan for the selection process dates. 

Here at StreetDoctors, and especially our Barts volunteers, take great pride in the work they do within our community here in East London, whilst always ensuring to have fun and build a great relationship with eachother in our team, both when teaching and at socials (Organised by the charity themselves, often with other teams from across London!)

Do contact us at our personal emails or the instagram listed above for any questions!



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