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Hello and welcome to the 'Students with Disabilities' society!

As a society, we want to create a community where students with disabilities can meet others and share their stories. We want to continue raising awareness about disabilities and the impact they have on students. And we want to make sure students with disabilities feel seen, heard, and supported.

As well as having a strong online presence, we will host events regularly throughout the year. Each event will give you the opportunity to get to know other students and have some well deserved fun. Some people can find the idea of joining a society very overwhelming, which is why our events will always be activity-focused. Don't worry, we won't just get you all into a room and tell you to make friends! 

Although we are called 'Students with Disabilities', we will never ask you to disclose your disability to us. If you don't have any formal diagnosis, but like the sound of our events and how we run them, then please feel free to join. 


We will often refer to ourselves as 'SWD' instead of 'Students with Disabilities'.


2022/23 is the first year of this society, so we can't show you what we've done yet. However, the comittee is made up of an amazing group of students who have a wealth of experience representing students, leading societies and being part of the SU. 

In 2021/22 Amy (President) and Emily (Welfare Rep) were the ‘Disabled and Specific Learning Differences’ reps for Mile End and The Barts campuses respectively. They were responsible for organising the very first ‘Disability Awarness Fortnight’, and put together a jam-packed schedule of events and campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness and support. 

Emily and Dan (Treasurer) have also been part of, and have led, a variety of different societies over the years.

Quiz Night

Take a break from revising for upcoming exams and join us for an online quiz night!

27th April 2023, 19:30


Register here: 


We already have lots of event ideas to help students meet and support each other - film nights, quiz nights, board game nights, bowling, talks, and many more. But we want our members to be at the heart of this society. We want to hear what type of events you would like to see us run! Please use the link below to submit your anonymous suggestions - no idea is too big or too small:




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