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Hi everyone!

We're a student-led volunteering group that aims to educate young children on healthy habits and eliminate their fear of visiting doctors and dentists! One of the biggest if not, THE BIGGEST volunteering group on campus! 

TBH events

Every Wednesday we run fun, interactive clinics in local primary schools - where children bring in their teddies. We then work with the children to give the teddy a medical and dental 'check-up', both teaching them about health, and that doctors and dentists aren't that scary! We also visit the Royal London Hospital every month for our drop in sessions!

Keep an eye out for our annual SAFETY DAY coming early 2020- a day when the schools come to us on campus!

We hope to see you at our events & stay tuned :)! 

With Teddy Love,

Kingsley Tso
President of TBH 2020/2021


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- Committee 2020/2021 -

President: Kingsley Tso
Vice-President: Stella Chatzieleftheriou
Treasurer: JoJo Li
Secretaries: Sara Rizal & Suraj Shah
Fundraising Officer: George Tikkas
Team Leaders: Elohor Sanomi, Ishika Ali, Yong Kim, Matt Nottage

Promotion Officers: Zoe Chew, Neha Sadik, Shivani Ganesh
Liaison Officers: Kelly Fernandes & Kangbo Gao



No elections are currently running

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